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A recent study (Teffs and Whitbread, 2009) found that more than one-third of general education teachers received no formal special education training. To address this concern, OAR worked in close partnership with Fairfax County (Va.) Public Schools to develop a research-based training tool that prepares middle and high school teachers to promote success for their students on the autism spectrum.

OAR is excited to announce the release of Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers,a dynamic, hour-long DVD comprised of four modules that support both group and individual learning:

The DVD is built on the contributions of real teachers, parents, students, and autism experts. You can read the full press release and view all four video segments at OAR’s YouTube channel.

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachersis the third resource developed as part of OAR’s “Autism in the Schoolhouse” initiative. The first,Kit for Kids, is a colorful, interactive, and kid-friendly program that teaches typically developing elementary and middle school children about their peers with autism. The second component,Navigating the Special Education System, is a guidebook designed to help parents advocate for the unique needs of their children with autism.

For more information, to obtain a copy of the DVD, or to inquire about using this resource in your school district, please contact Ben Kaufman, director, programs and community outreach, at 703-243-9762 or .

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