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Our volunteer board members bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, family relationships, and expertise to our organization. In December, we welcomed two new members to this leadership group and asked them why they decided to contribute their time and talent to OAR.

“My inspiration to get involved with OAR and the autism community is personal. A close family member was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. After doing some research and realizing that autistic individuals could be limited in their ability to advocate for themselves, I became motivated to do whatever I could to help be their voice. I read up on a number of different autism causes, but none spoke to me quite like OAR. OAR provides so many resources that have an immediate impact on the well-being of the entire autistic community. From grade school education to raise awareness and promote acceptance to employment assistance and life skills, OAR really does it all and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Liz Cavaliere
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
Kforce Inc.
Tampa, Florida

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“I am a huge supporter of OAR’s resources and accomplishments. This support stems from the implementation of these quality resources in our household, and I want more individuals to leverage these resources as well. Throughout my life, my family and I have been taking advantage of various resources, programs, and initiatives in order to provide my younger brother with a sound quality of life. James was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder very early in his life. From a young age, my older brother and I recognized there will be a day when it is up to us to ensure James is safe, happy, and fully taken care of at all times. For this reason, James has been my motivator to ensure I achieve personal and organizational goals.”

Joseph Mangalasseril Thomas
Strategy & Management Consultant
Chicago, Illinois

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