Luis and the Team OAR Family

In the summer of 2017, marathon runner Luis Plascencia was searching for a charity to support in the Chicago Marathon. Plascencia didn’t want to run for just any charity, but one that devoted time and effort to a cause close to his heart. When he found the Organization for Autism Research on the Chicago Marathon website, he knew it was a perfect fit. Plascencia’s brother, Oscar, is on the spectrum and is a very important part of his life.

Plascencia not only ran the 2017 Chicago Marathon on the RUN FOR AUTISM team, but two weeks later he also ran the Marine Corps Marathon on the team. He raised a total of $2,687 for OAR. This year, Plascencia is running the Marine Corps Marathon again and plans to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in New Orleans next February. In just a few months Plascencia has already raised over $2,000.He dedicates his RUN FOR AUTISM team marathons to Oscar.






“Running these marathons is not just for Team OAR.

It’s for Team Oscar!”








When Plascencia meets a fellow runner looking for a charity he always recommends OAR and the RUN FOR AUTISM team. He is a huge supporter of the work OAR does for the autism community and shares information about the organization every change he gets.

Being a member of the RUN FOR AUTISM team has meant a great deal to Plascencia

“I have found a community of fellow runners who have someone in their lives who is in the spectrum,” Plascencia said. “We become a family, Team OAR Family.”

Join Plascencia and dedicate your miles to autism research.

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