Getting injured or being sidelined by illness stinks! It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite runner or you’re training for your first 5k; being sidelined is physically and emotionally hard to deal with. Unfortunately, injuries are also very common. Research estimates that eighty-two percent of runners will get injured at some point in their running career. We can take all the proper precautions to make sure that we’ll never have to worry about injuries, but the reality is that no one is immune to them. Always listen to your body. Take your scheduled rest days and if you feel worn out on a run day, move it to another. Soreness that fades as you run or goes away after a run is probably nothing to worry about, but stop and see a doctor if you have persistent pain or pain that gets worse while running. 

Training for a big race leaves little to chance and doesn’t allow for skimping. It entails pushing your body to it’s limit with a higher-than-usual risk of illness or injury. As a result, few marathoners actually see their training plan executed perfectly on their planned timeline. When your marathon training is rocked by sickness, aches and pains, or other circumstances, your plan needs to be adjusted accordingly once you’re healthy again. Coach Jeff at Runners Connect has some great guidelines on how to return to training after taking time off.