Everyone deserves a fulfilling college experience, and that includes students on the autism spectrum. OAR’s Guide to Navigating College was written to help prospective and current college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder become better prepared for college life and academics. Students are certain to face unique challenges of understanding and engaging in the college environment. This guide addresses those unique challenges that students with autism may face in the college setting, and provides information, guidance, and resources to prepare and empower students to overcome these challenges. The Guide to Navigating College, which features practical advice from autism experts, powerful narratives from self-advocates, and relevant resource tools, is intended to help the reader anticipate and improve their academic and social situations, and to explore self-advocacy and the implications for students with autism.

More specifically, this guide discusses:college students with autism spectrum disorder

  • How to prepare for changes in the transition from high school to college
  • The role and importance of self-advocacy in college, along with discussions of disclosing autism
  • Disability Support Services offices, academic supports, and accommodations
  • Strategies to establish and maintain daily routines and structure
  • How to navigate social relationships and resolve conflict with roommates
  • Ways to maintain physical and sexual safety
  • How to search and apply for part-time jobs during college
  • And much more
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