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The diagnosis of autism is a life-changing event. It opens a phase of life that raises many often-difficult questions. As time passes, questions continue to rise and often seem to outnumber the answers. The good news is there are answers in the form of proven intervention methods. Through informed action and the use of appropriate treatments and interventions, you can continue to enhance your child’s quality of life today and across their lifetime.


About autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects one’s ability to communicate and interact socially. It is described as a spectrum disorder, which means that it manifests itself across a wide range of behaviors from mild to severe.


navigating research

Having a child diagnosed with autism is a life changing event for parents. They often quickly turn to early intervention as the key to their child’s development. Their immediate dilemma is determining which interventions to consider.


sibling support

Siblings of children with autism are in a unique position. They face challenges (similar to those that parents encounter), but at a time before they’ve developed appropriate coping strategies.


military families

Military sources indicate that more than 13,000 military dependents, the majority of them children, have some form of autism.



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