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OAR strives to make a difference in the daily lives of persons with autism and their families.

We publish a series of practical, evidence-based guidebooks; maintain targeted, supportive websites; offer scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students; and also provide resources specifically for military families impacted by autism.

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The diagnosis of autism is a life-changing event. It opens a phase of life that raises many often-difficult questions. As time passes, questions continue to rise and often seem to outnumber the answers. OAR provides some answers to support families with autism.


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Navigating high school, college, and the job market can be a challenging time that raises many often-difficult question.


No parental instinct is as intense and fundamental as keeping one’s child safe.  Autism presents its own set of vulnerabilities that can make safety even more challenging to handle. Find out more with these Autism Safety Resources


Our scholarship program provides $3,000 scholarships to students across the autism spectrum.

A charity like OAR doesn’t succeed on its own.

We rely on people’s generosity, time, and assistance to help fund research studies, produce and distribute guides and more.