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Composed of nine runners, Hire Autism’s navigator team raised $1,063 for autism research during OAR’s Active for Autism 5k event last month.

If being a Hire Autism navigator wasn’t already a testament to the commitment and dedication of OAR’s group of mentors helping autistic adults succeed, a select group of eight navigators decided to take their engagement to a new level by forming Hire Autism’s first Active for Autism 5K team. Composed of eight runners and one donor, the Hire Autism team raised $1,063 for autism research during OAR’s Active for Autism 5K event last month.

OAR thanks Kayla Birdsall, Marc Hoppler, Jessica Naucapoma, Brigit Parratore, Erica Powers, Haroon Saeed, and Alyssa Warbington for joining and participating in this year’s event. Two Hire Autism staff members, Courtney Carroll and Amanda Rioux, were also active members of the team.  

“It was incredible to see the team come together so quickly in celebration of Autism Acceptance and Awareness Month to honor the job seekers they support, their loved ones, friends, family, and more,” said team captain Courtney Carroll. “Thank you to all of the team members who made our first Active for Autism 5K Run team a success. This tradition will definitely be one we continue in the years to come.”

Interested in turning autism awareness and acceptance into action? Apply today to join an upcoming navigator cohort and have a direct impact on the lives of autistic adults. 

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