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News and Knowledge

OAR’s Hire Autism program saw a record number of job seekers, employers, and volunteers join the program in 2021. These are the highlights:

  • 948 job seekers joined Hire Autism.
  • New Hire Autism associate, Courtney Carroll, joined the team.
  • Hire Autism staff presented at Marshall University’s Neurodiversity Day and OCALICON 2021.
  • Hire Autism was featured in Forbes.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for this year. We will:

  • Update the Hire Autism website, with an expected launch in April.
  • Continue to look for new businesses to help expand our employer partner network.
  • Introduce a new scholarship opportunity for job seekers interested in obtaining technology-related certifications can benefit from a new OAR scholarship.
  • Offer new resources for job seekers and employers, including interviewing, employment-related phone apps, free online training, self-advocacy and disclosure in the workplace, autism-friendly job descriptions, and autism-friendly workplaces.


If you’re looking to support Hire Autism this year, here’s what you can do:
  • Become a Hire Autism Navigator.
  • Refer job seekers or employers.
  • Assist with resource development or review.
  • Invite us to present at your school or community group.


Interested in learning more or supporting Hire Autism this year, please contact Amanda Rioux at