Many corporations and businesses see it as part of their responsibility to their employees and the communities in which they do business to give back in some way. Matching gift programs, annual workplace campaigns, and direct support through employee volunteerism, grants, and sponsorships are the most common types of corporate support.

OAR is actively seeking corporate support for Hire Autism, our adult employment initiative, and Autism in the Schoolhouse. We also welcome sponsors for research pilot studies, the RUN FOR AUTISM program, for new publications and reprints of the Life Journey through Autism series of resource guides and sibling support materials, and Operation Autism and the military families initiative.

Employees often determine which charity or charities receive support from their company. Support in this context may include:

  • Encouraging volunteer activities
  • Including the charity in matching gift programs
  • Financial support through grants or sponsorships
  • Forming a corporate team for an event or race
  • Donating product or merchandise to an event or program activity
  • Conducting a dedicated in-house campaign or event, Jeans Day, for example, for a specific cause

Please check with your Human Resources or corporate giving department to find out ways to get your company involved in support of autism research and OAR.

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