Participate in any event, any time all while raising money for autism research.

OAR is pleased to offer DIY – Athletic Events program, which allows you to participate in any run, walk, triathlon or any other athletic event- anywhere, anytime, at any distance.

Simply sign-up for the race and start getting family, friends and others to sponsor you as you dedicate your athletic competition to raising funds for autism research.

How to Join the Team

1. Pick your race

This can be any race you want! If you don’t have a particular race in mind, just search for races in your area and find one that sounds good to you.

2. Register on that race’s website

3. Sign up with OAR

Go to the DIY – Athletic Events Registration Page  and enter your basic information.

4. Personalize your page

After you put in your information, you will receive an email with steps to create your fundraising page. Share photos and your your story about why you decided to RUN FOR AUTISM.

5. Share your page!

Use social media and email to share your page with friends and family. You may want to consider making a donation to your page before you send it out so that people know you are serious about this cause.

Get Started

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