Give at work.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, companies of all sizes and most levels of government conduct annual charitable campaigns for their employees. Some are inclusive; others may be limited to a select list of charities generally chosen by employee committees or surveys.

The most common annual campaigns are:

 United Way

United_Way_Logo.svgThe United Way is actually a series of hundreds of locally managed campaigns that collect donations from employees in participating, private sector companies. Some are more inclusive than others, but almost all have a “Donor Choice” option if you want to give to a specific charity like OAR and don’t see it listed. You may have to talk to the campaign coordinator to get the require forms and details, but you do have a right to exercise your choice.


 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

The CFC is the annual charitable campaign for federal employees and military personnel. OAR is an eligible organization that is listed as Autism Intervention and Treatment Research – Organization for Autism Research. OAR is listed in the CFC as: Autism Intervention and Treatment Research — Organization for Autism Research (#10551)

As a CFC approved Charity, OAR has met all 10 accountability standards imposed by the campaign. Giving through the CFC is easy — you can give a little each pay period! Having your gift deducted a little at a time not only allows you to give more, it also allows us to receive support throughout the year.

Independent Private Sector Campaignsmoney-in-box-donate-graphic-icon

An increasing number of companies conduct their own workplace campaigns. This gives them greater flexibility in conducting the campaign and in targeting their charitable interests. If your company falls conducts its own campaign, it may not have a “Donor Choice” option. In that event, you will have to generate interest within the company to have OAR/autism research included as a designated beneficiary/interest area.

State, Municipal, and Local Government Campaigns

hands-together-partnership-graphic-iconMost levels of government have campaigns comparable to the CFC at the corresponding levels for their employees. OAR is a registered, eligible charity in:

California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Other states have varying eligibility requirements. If you would like to contribute in a state not listed above, check with the campaign coordinator to see if you have a “Donor Choice” option.


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