As we know from our own holiday experience, gifts may come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Similarly, there are many ways to give to OAR.

Here are some of the most popular.
Click on the one that matches your interest

One-time or annual donations

Donations immediately support our ongoing research and outreach to families, schools, and communities. Donate.

 Monthly or recurring donations

An increasingly popular way to give. Gifts like these help strengthen and sustain our programs by providing support throughout the year. Donate.

Gifts in honor of someone special

To make donations in lieu of flowers for a loved one or friend who has passed away or to salute someone who stands out as an autism advocate or as a teacher or caregiver to someone with autism, go here.

Support an OARathoner

Support one of our charity runners or endurance athletes. Support.

Gifts for an OAR Program or research purpose

Gifts for a specific OAR program or research purpose. If you have a specific interest or intent when making a donation, you can indicate that by selecting from the list on the donation page. If you don’t see what you want there, or you are considering making a major gift to sponsor a research study or OAR program initiative, please contact To see a list of potential funding opportunities, click here.  

The OAR Scholarship Fund

We have two scholarship programs. Both offer one-time $3,000 scholarships to individuals with autism pursuing undergraduate studies, learning hard skills (vocational-technical training), or participating in life skills/transition programs. “Support a scholarship” is one of the options on the donate page. If you have interest in supporting an individual scholarship at any of the levels mentioned, please contact OAR at or (703) 243-9727.