Hire Autism Launches in Northern Virginia

March 30, 2017 – April 30, 2017 all-day
Diane Lingenfelter
Hire Autism Launches in Northern Virginia


OAR officially launches its new employment initiative, Hire Autism, for its test run in Northern Virginia.  Hire Autism is an online jobs portal that helps individuals with autism of all capacities connect with businesses and employers willing to consider them as candidates for competitive employment.  Many teens and young adults with autism are not employed or have jobs that do not make the best use of their strengths and skills. Hire Autism seeks to change the prospects for these job-seekers. OAR invites interested job candidates to sign up and start searching for jobs today!

Four No. Virginia businesses, Glory Days Grill, Wegmans, Linden Resources, and Quality Innovations Inc., are leading the way with job offerings, and others have expressed interest.  OAR’s goal is to provide an array of employment opportunities in food service, retail, entertainment, hospitality, information technology, distribution, and customer service.

With employers signing on and jobs worth considering posted and available, OAR is now opening the site to applicants just in time for National Autism Awareness Month in April.  OAR’s objective is to register at least 50 new applicants and 5 new employers by the end of April.

Hire Autism offers job-seekers a simple three-step registration process and an autism-friendly online space to meet prospective employers.  Once applicants have created a personal profile, they can browse job postings and apply for jobs.  They may also upload a resume and cover letter.  In addition, Hire Autism has a resource center that offers information and advice on writing resumes, preparing for interviews, navigating the workplace, and more.

Like the applicants’ process, the registration process for businesses is straightforward.  Once registered, an employer can post open positions and proactively search applicants’ profiles for qualified candidates.  Hire Autism has resources for employers too.  Among them is “Autism 101 for the Workplace” a resource that will help both employers and employees smoothly adjust to the workplace environment.

Hire Autism is a first step in attempting to level the employment playing field for adults with autism.  It simplifies the initial application process, puts applicants in touch with employers willing to consider them, and addresses disclosure head on.  It does not guarantee a job, but it does promise to widen the window of opportunity and offer more choices.  

Hire Autism is open for business!  OAR encourages all interested job seekers to visit HireAutism.org to register and begin your job search.

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