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Learn about autism and how you can better support students on the spectrum in the classroom:

The Basics

What is Autism? What is causing the increase in autism prevalence? What does it mean for a student to have Asperger Syndrome?

Autism 101



What is an IEP? Why use IEP? How can I help? What is the IEP team and how does it work? What type of information can I find in an IEP?

IEP 101


TIPS for transitioning back to school

The beginning of a new school year is a demanding time for teachers. The transition can be especially challenging when working with students on the autism spectrum.

Transition Tips


6 steps to success: asperger syndrome

Having a child with Asperger Syndrome (i.e. level 1 autism) in your class will have a different impact on your classroom environment than having a child with classic autism.

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6 steps to success: asd

Your classroom is already a diverse place. With the rising inclusion of students with autism in general education settings, the challenges associated with managing a classroom will grow.

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 Teacher Resources

Understanding Autism: Professional Development Curriculum

resources for teachers of students with autism

Research indicates that many teachers in the general education classroom feel unprepared to serve the growing number of students with autism. We developed the Understanding Autism: Professional Development Curriculum to provide school districts, schools, and teachers with the foundational knowledge and effective classroom strategies they need to better serve and teach students with autism. Designed with flexibility in mind, the program can be used by administrators for small staff meetings, by facilitators for large professional development sessions, or by individuals as a refresher.


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Teach your students about autism

To foster a more inclusive classroom environment, many teachers like to teach their students about autism. We educate today’s youth to learn and embrace those with autism with learning materials and volunteer opportunities. Check out the Student’s Corner, which revolves around the Kit for Kids “What’s Up with Nick?” program that has impacted more than 125,000 students since 2012!

Student's Corner

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