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Next to family and friends, few people have greater influence on children than teachers

book-apple-teacher-education-graphic-iconSchool is critical for students with autism to develop academic, social, and life skills necessary for independence. Your challenge as a teacher is to help assimilate your students with autism into the classroom, balance the educational needs of many, and foster a supportive culture of acceptance. Your studies in education and position as an educator prepared you well for the overall challenges of teaching. But do you feel prepared to provide individualized attention to a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in your classroom? Are your students supportive and understanding of their classmates with autism?

We provide the information and resources to help

autism resources for teachers

Teacher’s Corner

Learn about Autism and how you can better support students with these ASD resources for teachers

Teacher’s Corner

resources for students with autism

Student’s CORNER

Resources for students with autism in Elementary, Middle School and High School 

Student’s Corner


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