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A selection of OAR’s “Life Journey Through Autism” guidebooks is now available in ebook format and can be downloaded on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. Ebooks provide more flexibility for readers and are more easily accessible, which is a great advantage for those who travel. OAR is confident that with this greater accessibility, we can reach an even wider audience. The ebooks are available free of charge on Kobo, and are available for a small fee on Amazon Kindle. OAR will use the proceeds from these sales to continue creating and distributing guidebooks for all who need them. The ebooks will soon be available free of charge on Nook Books as well. 

The guidebooks currently available as ebooks are:

  • “Navigating the Special Education System”
  • “A Guide to Safety”
  • “A Guide for Transition to Adulthood”
  • “An Educator’s Guide to Autism”
  • “A Parent’s Guide to Assessment”

With the holidays swiftly approaching, OAR’s guidebooks are great gifts in any format. Because of the valuable content and clear layout of the texts, the guidebooks are a suitable, informative gift for parents, educators, and self-advocates alike. As always, guidebooks are available for digital download as well as in hard copy via OAR’s online store.

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