It’s finally here – your longest (and last!) long run of your training plan.  This his run should be your dress rehearsal for the race.   

Practice makes perfect, so simulate your race conditions as closely as possible this weekend on your run with these must Do’s:

  • Do the workout on terrain that’s as similar as possible to what you’ll encounter in your marathon.  
  • Do plan to run at the official start time.  Wake up early enough to eat your pre-race meal, warm up, and stretch before your run.  This teaches your body to perform at the appointed hour and also lets you work out your fueling strategy: how much breakfast to eat and when.
  • Do prepare your nutrition and hydration as you plan to use it during the race.  Practicing your gels, chews, water and/or other drinks intake now will help you sort out any fueling issues and avoid any mid-race emergencies.
  • Do wear the same gear that you plan to wear for your race – as close as possible for your weather conditions.  That includes the same clothes, shoes, socks, fuel belt, and other running accessories that you plan to wear on race day.
  • Do plan to practice your pacing strategy.

This is your peak week in training so make sure to get some extra rest and sleep well!