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Equipping Clinicians to Address Sexual Health with Autistic Patients

Sexuality is a part of every person’s life, and education about sexuality and sexual health is essential. However, this area is often overlooked for autistic individuals. The neglect of this topic and these skills can have consequences for the autistic individual’s quality of life, sexual health, and safety. As educators who have worked in clinical…

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Empower, Educate, and Advocate for Change

As the founder of Autism in Black®, my passion for our mission runs deep. It’s more than just words; it’s a guiding light for our community. Our goal is as clear as day: to empower, educate, and advocate for the Black autism community. Join me as I take you on a journey through our goals,…

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Promoting Autism Acceptance Through Peer Education

The number of autistic children in general education settings has grown substantially over the past two decades, as noted in a 2016 Education Week article. In the United States, this increase was due in part to the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which mandated that…

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Between You and Autistic Me

When asked to write about my autism advocacy experience, many things came to mind. I have penned articles, been interviewed for podcasts, and presented at conferences. It seemed like I was making a difference—but I never knew for sure. Looking over everything I did to spread autism awareness and acceptance, I found one form of…

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Planning for the Financial Future

As those of us who are family members and caregivers of autistic people begin planning our financial futures, the prospect of a lifelong commitment is daunting. We know we need to do something, but might not know just how to get started. Our family was no exception.  When we started our journey by taking these…

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Employment + Financial Planning: A Critical Equation

Employment is one of the most significant structural challenges individuals with autism and those who love them face. According to the 2015 National Autism Indicators Report, issued by Drexel University’s A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, 58% of young people with autism have never worked during their early 20s. In contrast, over 90% of young adults with…

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The Ever-Changing Path to Independence—Step by Step

Our 32-year-old son, Matt, has what I call “classic” autism. With limited communication and social skills — and generally unaware of danger — he struggles to let us know when something isn’t quite right. Occasionally, he suffers from tonic-clonic seizures that are unpredictable and can result in a medical emergency.  But Matt also has a…

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Scholarship Recipient Shares Her College Experience

OAR interviewed Samantha Harker, a 2020 Schwallie Family Scholarship recipient and member of OAR’s Scholars’ Society, to ask her how she made the transition from high school to college and what advice she has for autistic students pursuing postsecondary education.   The Scholars’ Society offers long-term engagement and support for students who have received awards through…

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There Is No Perfect Parent

In today’s interconnected world, no one is immune to social media’s portrayal of perfect parenthood, but reality is rarely seamless. This immaculate portrait of parenting is not only unattainable, it is discouraging and breeds guilt as we fall short of effectuating this model within our own families. Raising any child is extremely stressful. While parenting…

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