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Autism presents a range of safety challenges across the lifespan including difficulty interacting with law enforcement, communicating with others, and unknowingly engaging in illegal activities. OAR’s Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide to Safety helps parents prepare for these and many other safety issues. The guide offers practical strategies for caregivers and first responders to manage safety risks and includes action plans to address problems head on. The guide also contains tools for parents that can be readily used to communicate with first responders, teach children critical safety skills, develop a safety network, and more.

Within this guide, you will learn:

  • The significance of and how to develop a community safety plan.
  • Tips for interacting with law enforcement.
  • How to engage the community in autism safety.
  • Legal vs. illegal actions.

For Paperback Copies and Bulk Orders

A Guide to Safety is the perfect resource for homes, classrooms, fire and police departments, autism organizations, and libraries. We encourage you to order your copy of the guide, which is available at no cost as a paperback copy or as a PDF download. If you know of any parent support groups, police departments, schools, conferences, or workshops that may benefit from this resource and would like to request a bulk order, please contact us at programs @ with the subject line “safety guides.”